Eid Book Bundle

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Beautiful gifts for children bringing the experience of Eid to life!

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Our Eid Book Bundle Features the Following Books:

  1. The Road to Hajj

  2. Faris and the Curious Case of the Missing Eid Presents

All books are paperback editions.

Faris and the Curious Case of the Missing Eid Presents

It’s a beautiful early morning on the first day of Eid, and little Faris couldn’t be more excited. He wakes up before fajr, much earlier than usual. He gets out of bed and runs downstairs with a big smile on his face. But when he gets there, the little boy can’t believe his eyes. His Eid presents are nowhere to be found! Quickly, Faris’s mind starts to wander off and he thinks of a million ways in which his presents might have vanished. It’s the most important mystery of his life; luckily, he’s up to the task!

The Road to Hajj (Children’s Activity Book)

A fantastic children’s activity book filled with fun activities, colorful illustrations and fascinating facts to teach your children about the amazing journey of Hajj. A great learning resource to intrigue and teach your kids about one of the pillars of Islam in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Jam-packed with entertaining and insightful mazes, puzzles, stories and stickers! A great book to promote your child’s core skills whilst teaching them about their faith.

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