The Quran Beheld


The Quran Beheld is the title of the translation of the Quran by Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller. This was a seventeen year project in which he sat with Sheikh Ali Hani, a scholar of Arabic and tafsir (Quranic commentary), and took from him the explanation of each verse of the Quran. Together they read through the tafsir of the Quran two complete times.

Available in three editions:

  • Arabic-English Hardback Slipcase
  • English Only Hardback
  • English Only Paperback
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The Quran is the most read, re-read, and memorized book on earth, for the very good reason that it explains the secret of human existence and answers the questions that no human being can answer.


This edition is made to be one’s companion. In it, readers will see the Quran in a completely new format, offering supreme readability. As the author states in the preface: “Take it in hand, depend on it, and see if things do not become a great deal clearer, and life a great deal better. It works.”


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Arabic-English Hardback Slipcase, Arabic-English Hardback, English Only Hardback, English Only Paperback

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